Happy Halloween!


We here at Spectrum Cakes loooove Halloween. Although celebrating Halloween is a relatively modern development here in Australia, we love that Aussie kids today are getting to experience this unique holiday, similar to our American cousins.

For a lover of all things ghoulish and macabre (in my former career, I even went as far as working for a stint as a Mortuary Technician!), growing up in 70’s/80’s suburban Melbourne, watching how American kids got to go Trick or Treating on television was a distant, unreachable fantasy. I longed to get dressed up as a ghost, or a ghoul, carve pumpkins and go door-knocking for lollies and treats. When I became a parent I was determined to make Halloween a big deal for my kid, and to date, Halloween is his favourite holiday.


We are overjoyed for any holiday themed cakes that we can produce for our clients, like these awesome, spooky cupcakes one of our clients ordered for their Halloween party this weekend.

Christmas is coming up soon, what sort of cakes do you want to celebrate your Christmas festivities?

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