Puppy Party!


Recently I was asked by my good friend Amanda from Pinup Pooch Dog Grooming to ‘bake’ a 5th birthday cake for her beautiful Cavoodle Lela.

IMG_4368I just love a creative challenge; to make a cake that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, but is also palatable, and healthy for our beautiful canine friends. I went to my fridge and pantry and pulled out all the tried and true dog taste-bud approved ingredients and got creative. Given one of my pups has issues with wheat in his diet, and given he is not alone in the dog world, I wanted to avoid using wheaten flour. So instead, as a binder, I used rice flour, coconut flour and oatmeal.

IMG_4373For the meat, I bought ground Kangaroo, both flesh and organs, from a local market, for a more well-rounded diet. I used lots of veggies too for fibre and nutrients, and a couple of eggs to help bind along with the rice flour and oatmeal.

I found these super cute dog bone cake pans online. The smaller of the two is depicted in the image to the right, next to the can of dog food, to give you an idea of how many it can feed. Given there were only seven small dogs attending this party, I chose to use this pan to avoid over-feeding, as although the meat-loaf is well balanced, the ‘icing’ is a bit rich. No one wants any upset stomachs after a party!


After combining the ingredients and mixing well, I lined the bottom of the pan with parchment paper, pressed the mixture into the pan and ‘baked’ the ‘cake’ in the oven on 180 degrees Celcius until the centre had reached 70 degrees Celcius.


And Voila, a dog food meatloaf cake is born!

Yikes! this may look completely unappetising to us, but trust me, the hounds are going to love it! Of course the cake needed icing for our own amusement, but a tonne of sugar and butter is not going to be good for pups.

I had been reading online about using potato mash as ‘icing’ and thought it was a great idea, although, I know that my dogs can take it or leave it when it comes to potato mash unless it’s smothered in butter and salt (again, not health-wise). One thing I do know that dogs cannot resist is sweet potato, I don’t really know what the big deal is, but weight-shredding body builders and dogs all over the world swear this stuff tastes awesome and is healthy too, so I figured I’d mash it with a little bit of peanut butter and cream cheese (and a little bit of food colouring) and use it for icing. Ta da!


Let me just say, the cake was a real hit with the fur-kids….

The Birthday Girl loved being the centre of attention, although she needed a hand blowing out the candles.


Sharing is caring…IMG_4568


Earl liked licking off the icing firstIMG_4577


Lela decided it was best to wash down her birthday cake with a sneaky Margherita.IMG_4598


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